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ISE Policies and Guidelines for Use of Department Computing Resources


The ISE Department Computing Committee developed policies and guidelines for the use of ISE computing resources to insure that the following general principles are observed and maintained:

  • Academic Conduct - academic conduct that advances the university mission of teaching, research, and service must be followed. For more information on academic conduct and misconduct please review the following university resources: http://www.sph.ohio-state.edu/handbook/sect11.html and http://www.osu.edu/academicplan/.
  • Social Responsibility - the working environment for ISE computing resources should be safe and professional. The use of networked computers entails specific rights and responsibilities as described in "An Overview of Your Rights and Responsibilities in Cyberspace," by Steven J. McDonald (http://www.cio.ohio-state.edu/policies/legality.html.)
  • Equitable Allocation of Resources - ISE has limited computing resources with a large number of users. Therefore, these resources are intended primarily for academic use and they must be allocated in a prudent and equitable fashion.

University Policy

All use of ISE department computing resources must conform to "Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources, The Ohio State University. Frequently asked questions about the "Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources" can be found at http://cio.osu.edu/policies/responsible_use.html.

ISE Policies and Guidelines

In addition to the university policy, all use of ISE department computing resources must conform to the following policies and guidelines.

Student Computing Fee and Facilities and Maintenance Budget

The College of Engineering Student Computing Fee was implemented to provide the necessary funding for hardware and software to maintain state-of-the-art computer laboratories to be used in support of academic instruction. The facilities and maintenance (FM) budget provided to each region is specifically slated for support of these instructional laboratories. Therefore, these resources cannot be used to support department-computing facilities including staff and faculty computers, research computers, web servers etc.

The student computing laboratories have extensive general and specialized software, which can be used in classes. A complete up-to-date list of the software is available at the software list site. Any faculty or staff member that is involved in teaching can request that new software be added to the student computing laboratories by completing a "Request for Software Acquisition." At the same time, licenses of the software will also be added to the ISE software pool (see below).

ISE Software Pool

To encourage the use of computers and advanced engineering software in teaching, the ISE department maintains a software pool with the latest programs that are currently used in teaching in the department student computing laboratories. A complete up-to-date list of the software is available at the software list site. Any faculty or staff member that is involved in teaching can request a license for any of these programs for use in the development and/or teaching of a course by completing the "Request for a Teaching Software License from the ISE Software Pool". Use of a teaching license for research and/or consulting is strictly forbidden.

Faculty and staff members who would like to use software from the ISE Software Pool for research may purchase a license by completing the "Request for a Research Software License from the ISE Software Pool". Pricing information for the licenses is available from Mr. Michael Zazon (zazon.1 at osu.edu).

Computing Services Provided by the Department

The university recently reached an agreement with Microsoft on the Microsoft Buckeye Bundle, which includes most of the basic software required for a PC or Mac (see http://www.oit.osu.edu/site_license/mslicense/). The department will provide, free of charge, one Buckeye Bundle license to each faculty or department staff member that requests it from Mr. Michael Zazon (Baker Room 343, 2-0471, zazon.1 at osu.edu).

The ISE computing support staff will install, free of charge, the Buckeye Bundle and any teaching software from the IWSE Software Pool. The ISE computing staff will also assign the appropriate network resources and assist with network installation for any department computer including office and research laboratory computers. Before connecting any computer to the network, you must contact either Cedric Sze for computers in Baker Systems Building.

Due to the limited resources, the department will continue to support small jobs that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. For jobs that require more time, please contact Michael Zazon to discuss the available options.

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