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ISE Computer Lab Rules

Failure to comply with the following rules will result in disablement of your key card access and/or your account. It may also result in damage that will be repaired at your expense. A disabled account cannot be reactivated without authorization of the ISE Department Computing Committee, A. Benatar, Chair (EJTC Room 124, 2-1390, Benatar.1 @ osu.edu ). If you have any questions about these rules, please contact Prof. Benatar.

Computer Usage

  1. Your account is your responsibility. Do not let other people use your account.
  2. Use of computer labs must be FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ONLY.
  3. You can login to only one computer at a time. No multiple logins.
  4. Remember that you are sharing the lab with many other students, so do not leave a program running and then leave the lab or lockout a computer. If you need to run a program that requires long execution time, do it in batch mode on a designated computer.
  5. Save your files on your disk when you are done - user files left on hard disk will be erased.
  6. You are not permitted to install any hardware or software, or to connect any devices to the computers in the lab.
  7. Do not copy any software from the lab.
  8. When accessing material through the Internet, you must follow all privacy and copyright regulations:
  9. Printing should be kept to a minimum. Do not print multiple copies of a document. Use a copier instead. Also, do not print manuals.
  10. Do not move the computers or you may damage the cable connections in the back. You will have to pay for any damage that you cause.


  1. Do not remove any material from the lab. That includes software or hardware manuals.
  2. No food or beverages are permitted in the lab under any circumstances.
  3. The lab is small, so please leave if you are not using the computers. Also, do not bring any foreign objects (like bicycles, skates, welded structures, etc.) into the lab.
  4. It is your interest to keep good care of the lab - do not abuse the computers and the furniture, and keep the lab clean.
  5. Keep conversation in the lab to a minimum and when necessary speak softly.
  6. Need Help - contact the computing support staff in Baker Room 378 or EJTC Room 127, or check out OSU's IT Website for Students.
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