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Future Students

* Why choose OSU?
   * Why choose Industrial & Systems Engineering?
     * Why choose the Integrated Systems Engineering Department at OSU?

Our faculty and students share their perspectives on these questions...

In every aspect of our program, be it our courses, our faculty research projects, our student advising and counseling activities, our internship programs, etc. we are readying our students to be leaders as soon as they enter industry. The OSU graduate makes his/her mark immediately when the time comes for them to interview for jobs. They have a unique edge over their peers, being able to tell their potential employers that they have demonstrated competence in much of the subject matter that constitutes a typical corporate training program. In my opinion, the ISE program at OSU provides our students a unique environment where research, teaching and industry practice are so well integrated that the traditional gap between classroom theory and industrial implementation is almost non-existent.

-- Dr. Shahrukh Irani

One of the things I like best about ISE here at Ohio State is the level of personal attention we receive as students. Once you get into your Core rotation, you have all of your classes with the same people and the professors really have a genuine interest in getting to know the students. Although Ohio State is one of the largest universities in the country, it's examples like this that show that "large and diverse" doesn't have to be "intimidating and unpersonal."

-- Jenny Messersmith, ISE Undergraduate Student (BS awarded 2008)

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