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Home Page Story Archive

ISE Spring 2013 Graduates! (archived 08/2013)
ISE Graduate Student, Radin Zaid Radin Umar, garners 2011 Dieter W. Jahns Student Practitioner Award. (archived 09/2012)
ISE Spring 2012 Graduates! (archived 09/2012)
ISE Winter 2012 Graduates! (archived 06/2012)
The 2012 Great Lakes Regional IIE Conference (archived 06/2012)
Dr. Shahrukh Irani assists local small manufacturers to implement lean. (archived 06/2012)
Second annual ISE Graduate Student Research Day - a great success! (archived 04/2012)
Five outstanding female ISE students received awards for their leadership contributions at the 2011 Women in Engineering Recognition Banquet. (archived 04/2012)
ISE Researchers, students, & faculty disseminate results of their research at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. (archived 04/2012)
Congratulations to ISE Autumn 2011 Graduates! (archived 04/2012)
OSU’s student chapter of IIE will host the 2012 Great Lakes Regional IIE Conference 17-19 Feb. 2012. (archived 03/2012)
Seyed. H. Madaeni is the 2010-2011 recipient of the Bonder Fellowship in Applied Operations Research. (archived 03/2012)
Spotlight on our graduates: Learn about the activities of Dr. Nilgun Ferhatosmanoglu and other recent ISE doctoral graduates (archived 01/2012)
Congratulations to ISE Summer 2011 Graduates! (archived 12/2011)
ISE's Prof. David Woods sees exciting opportunities for students who combine studies in engineering, design, and psychology. (archived 07/2011)
HFES Conference 2010. (archived 07/2011)
Congratulations to ISE Spring 2011 Graduates! (archived 07/2011)
Congratulations to ISE Winter 2011 Graduates! (archived 03/2011)
ISE Prof. Blaine Lilly spent his summer learning research & technology programs at Boeing. (archived 03/2011)
Congratulations to ISE Autumn 2010 Graduates! (archived 03/2011)
ISE graduate student Alwyn Aliwarga talks about internship experience. (archived 03/2011)
ISE Students earn Green Belt Certification. (archived 02/2011)
Congratulations Spring & Summer 2010 ISE Graduates! (archived 08/2010)
HFES Conference 2009 (archived 08/2010)
Congratulations Winter 2010 ISE an WE Graduates! (archived 05/2010)
Congratulations to ISE and WE Autumn 2009 Graduates! (archived 03/2010)
Congratulations to ISE and WE Spring and Summer 2009 Graduates! (archived 12/2009)
IERC 2009 (archived 10/2009)
Congratulations Spring 2009 ISE and WE Graduates! (archived 09/2009)
2008 IIE Lean Student Paper Competition. (archived 09/2009)
Making welding Safer. (archived 08/2009)
Time Magazine talks to ISE Prof. Ted Allen about voting machine allocation. (archived 08/2009)
Congratulations Winter 2009 ISE Graduates (archived 07/2009)
Student: Chris Crane and Pete Guindon (archived 07/2009)
HFES Conference 2008 (archived 05/2009)
Student: Riley (archived 04/2009)
Research: COHAM (archived 08/2008)
Student: Melissa Rubal (archived 08/2008)
Student: Nathan Craig (archived 08/2008)
HFES Conference 2007 (archived 08/2008)
Student: Adriana Ley Chavez (archived 07/2008)
Research: Dr. William Marras (archived 04/2008)
Student: Cullen Naumoff (archived 02/2008)
Faculty: Dr.Sommerich (archived 09/2007)
Research: Boulware (archived 05/2007)
Research: Jeff Soward (archived 04/2007)
HFES Conference 2006 (archived 12/2006)

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