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Core Curriculum

The core curriculum provides a firm grounding in the fundamental methodology of the industrial engineering profession. The subjects which are studied include statistical methods and experimental design, linear programming and optimization, stochastic processes, work measurement and methods engineering, computer simulation, human factors engineering, manufacturing processes, and inventory control. A capstone course in which teams of students define and solve an actual industrial problem completes the core curriculum. Formal study in industrial engineering is designed to provide sufficient theoretical background to give perspective in problem formulation, flexibility of approach, and insight for the implementation of solutions.

Students are invited to contact the department at their earliest opportunity to obtain further information about the program. Each student accepted in the program will be assigned a faculty adviser who will provide additional guidance in the design of a personal program of study. As the student progresses through the program, a number of elective courses are available to the student which provide an opportunity for additional study in one of the major application areas of industrial engineering, supplementing the material provided through the core curriculum. The major application areas are manufacturing systems, human factors, and operations engineering.

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