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  • E-mail addresses are completed by adding @osu.edu at the end.
  • Phone numbers: Area code is 614. On campus you need only dial the last 5 digits.
  • BE is Baker Systems Bldg; EJTC is Edison Joining Technology Center.
Name Email Position Campus Add. Phone
Allen, Theodore allen.515 Faculty 284 BE 292-1793
Allread, W. Gary allread.1 Institute for Ergonomics Program Director Research/Technical Staff 238 BE 292-4565
Altan, Taylan altan.1 Faculty 339 BE 292-5063
Arra, Kristen arra.7 Academic Advisor for ISE Undergraduate Majors & Graduate Studies Coordinator Academic Program Contact 210 BE 292-6239
Bayraksan, Guzin bayraksan.1 Faculty 246 BE 292-1695
Brevick, Jerald brevick.1 Faculty 282 BE 292-0177
Castro, Jose M. castro.38 Graduate Studies Chair - Industrial & Systems Engineering Faculty 222 BE 688-8233
Conejo, Antonio conejonavarro.1 Faculty 286 BE 292-6736
Ferguson, Sue ferguson.4 Senior Research Associate Engineer Research/Technical Staff 236 BE 537-4508
Fiksel, Joseph fiksel.2 Faculty 234 BE 688-8155
Flickinger, Judith flickinger.22 Fiscal Associate Administrative Contact 230 BE 292-6351
Freitas, Tamara freitas.6 Human Resource Generalist Administrative Staff 228 BE 292-1373
Hassenzahl, Joshua hassenzahl.3 Laboratory Supervisor Research/Technical Staff 014A BE 292-2716
Kucukyavuz, Simge kucukyavuz.2 Faculty 244 BE 247-8354
Lavender, Steven lavender.1 Faculty 292 BE 292-9980
Lilly, Blaine lilly.2 Faculty 224 BE 292-2297
Luo, Alan luo.445 Faculty 256 BE 292-5629
Marras, William S. marras.1 Faculty 278 BE 292-6670
McCain, Candi mccain.3 Department Fiscal Officer & Research Administrator Administrative Staff 220 BE 688-8241
Mellor, Brittany mellor.187 Pre-Major Academic Advisor Academic Program Contact N/A BE 292-6239
Morison, Alexander morison.6 Research Scientist. Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory Research/Technical Staff 386 BE 614.292.12
Morris, Jennifer morris.1392 Office Administrative Associate Administrative Contact 294 BE 292-9461
Posner, Marc E. posner.1 Faculty 296 BE 292-4567
Schabo, Peter A. schabo.4 Research Associate Engineer Research/Technical Staff 140 BE 292-2016
Shivpuri, Rajiv shivpuri.1 Faculty 288 BE 292-7874
Sills-Molock, Julie sills-molock.1 Development Director Administrative Contact 224 BE 292-0096
Sink, D. Scott sink.22 Faculty 298 BE 292-1741
Sioshansi, Ramteen sioshansi.1 Faculty 240 BE 292-3932
Smith, Philip smith.131 Faculty 280 BE 292-4120
Sommerich, Carolyn M. sommerich.1 Faculty 276 BE 292-9965
Sze, Cedric sze.1 Systems Administrator Research/Technical Staff 364 BE 292-0471
Wang, Jiankang wang@6536 Faculty 205 DL 292-6803
Woods, David woods.2 Faculty 290 BE 946-0123
Xia, Cathy Honghui xia.52 Faculty 242 BE 247-6985
Yi, Allen yi.71 Faculty 226 BE 292-9984
Zazon, Michael zazon.1 Systems Manager Research/Technical Staff 343 BE 247-1699

If you are looking for more detailed information or don't know quite whom to contact:

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