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Our faculty want to make the ISE Department website a go-to source of information about Integrated Systems Engineering. This part of our website will be the repository for that information. Check back often to see what's been added.

Topic #1. What do engineers know about Design?
Design is getting a lot of press and attention these days. The IWSE faculty have a lot to offer when it comes to the topic of design, for example:

  • Dr. David Woods and colleagues address the problem of "Creeping Featurism."
    Learn more about Dr. Woods' research... (PDF file, opens in separate window)
  • Here is a short list of ISE Design Courses:
    • ISE 682 - Design for Manufacturing (Lilly; Students learn about and apply various aspects of product design and ideation tools currently used in industry, including the House of Quality, concept generation/selection tools, DFA methods, and iterative prototyping techniques)
    • ISE 694 - Ergonomics in Product Design (Lavender; Integration of ergonomics principles into the product design process)
    • ISE 774 Human-Computer Interaction in Complex Systems (Woods; Design of human-computer interfaces for applications in complex systems)
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