osulogo The Distribution Ergonomics Research Center
at The Ohio State University (DERC@OSU)

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Our mission
is to develop and evaluate interventions (methods, tools, processes, etc.) that allow distribution center workers to work more effectively and safely, through research based in ergonomic science and engineering.

We partner with regional DCs and material handling equipment manufacturers to assist DCs in becoming or maintaining their status as a “workplace of excellence” through addressing challenges and discovering opportunities for improvements in their material handling operations.

We began with a grant from the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).

We are affiliated with these laboratories and centers at OSU:
Center co-directors are Dr. Steven A. Lavender and Dr. Carolyn M. Sommerich.

Contact us:

Mailing address:
1971 Neil Ave., rm 210 Baker Systems
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH  43210