All University and OSP travel must be pre-approved and follow the OSU Travel Policy (PDF). An OSU employee/student must have written approval from his/her supervisor prior to travel. Travel reimbursement involves a two-step process: submission and approval of estimated travel costs before travel, and a second form detailing actual costs following travel.


Before Travel: 

  • Complete and submit the ISE Travel Application to ISE Fiscal Associate at least two weeks before trip. Failure to submit this form before traveling will require submission of an exception petition form after travel.
  • After approval, you will receive a T# and may now book your flight via the University Concur travel system.  Visit here to book your flight and/or rental car reservation by clicking on “Book Travel Online”.
    • Login to Concur will require your university username (name.#) and password.
    • If it is your first time booking with CTP, you will need to set-up a profile.
    • Upon booking your flight, you will be asked to use either a university credit card or sponsored project credit card. You will select an option based on which fund your travel will be reimbursed.
  • Certain expenses (registration and lodging) can be prepaid by the department.  Please see ISE Fiscal Associate for more information.
  • See Helpful Information for your Travel link below for additional information and related links for travel agent, rental car, hotel, mileage rates, per diem, receipts needed, etc.


After Travel: 

  • Within 30 days of travel, submit original itemized receipts showing details of actual expenses incurred that are eligible for reimbursement to ISE Fiscal Associate.
  • Following receipt of these items, the forms and receipts will be reviewed and, if all needed items are provided, the reimbursement request will be forwarded to the College of Engineering Business Office. A staff member from that office will contact the traveler by email and confirm the allowed reimbursement amount and request their approval. The approximate time frame for this process following receipt of all needed items is two to four weeks.


Questions regarding travel and reimbursement should be directed to:

ISE Fiscal Associate:
Ann Martyniak
230 Baker Systems



ISE Travel Application

Mileage Log

Vendor Setup Form / W-9 (formerly AP Compliance Form)

  • To be completed by guests and non-employees.  NOTE: traveler must sign this form; form asks for SSN, therefore please do not email the form to us but rather print and bring/mail to the department contact.

COE Exception Form

  • Required if no prior authorization for the business travel and estimated costs, missing required documentation (i.e. itemized receipts), and/or reimbursement submitted more than 90 days after the trip.
  • Deans and vice presidents have the authority to approve, on an occasional, non-recurring basis, exceptions to university travel policy. 



OSU Travel Policy

Travel FAQs

Office of Sponsored Programs Travel Policies

  • Travel plays an important role in many research projects. This resource provides helpful guidance to faculty and staff on the best (and easiest) way to plan travel and to be reimbursed for associated costs.



Travel Agent / Online Booking Tool

Concur Reference/Training

Mileage Rates

Per Diem Rates

Rental Car and Hotel Information

  • If renting a car, the department policy require the use of the Ohio State rental car agreement which a contractual agreement with Enterprise and National and includes insurance coverage required by the university. Those rentals made that do not meet the policy may not be reimbursed.
  • You may now book your rental car using the National/Enterprise agreement via the Concur Online Booking Tool here
  • Before making a reservation, review the university's business vehicle rental FAQ for more information on agreement benefits, insurance, international rentals and other general information.
  • Note:  University insurance requirements noted in the Travel Policy may not be included with international rentals.  Additional fees and insurance requirements may be applicable to the laws of the country/region.


Pre-payment of some costs--such as conference registration and lodging--may be available for Ohio State students and employees, including cash advances. Please contact the ISE Fiscal Associate for details.

Itemized, original, and legible receipts are required, so it is important to keep all receipts during travel.

Receipts must indicate method of payment, such as "Visa XXXX1234," the traveler’s name and the amount paid. Cancelled checks must have scans of front and back.

A brief business purpose statement is to be provided for each expense. For example, if you take an Uber, please indicate where the Uber picked you up and where it took you (e.g., Uber from home to airport).

Per Diem If the OSU student or employee is allotted a daily reimbursement amount for meals, travelers are to provide detailed costs for each meal to be reimbursed. The cost of meals provided as part of travel or a business-related event (for example during a flight or as part of a conference) will not be allowed as part of a per diem reimbursement.

  • In general, the per diem allowance for the first and last days of travel is up to 75% of the full per diem rate.