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Dr. Michael Groeber has joined Ohio State ISE as an Associate Professor in the area of Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Michael Groeber has joined the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering at Ohio State as an Associate Professor in the area of Additive Manufacturing. 

Before joining Ohio State, Dr. Groeber was working as a Senior Material Research Scientist in the Metals Branch of the Structural Materials Division of the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. 

Dr. Groeber received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University in 2003, followed by a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University in 2007. Dr. Groeber has published nearly 40 peer reviewed journals, 4 book chapters and presented over 20 invited international presentations. 

Dr. Groeber’s research projects have focused on the quantification and representation of microstructure for improving process and property modeling.  Recently, Dr. Groeber has focused on additive manufacturing of metallic components and understanding local processing conditions and their effects on material structure.  Dr. Groeber’s passion and vision is in the integration of data analytics and optimization with manufacturing processes to advance the U.S. manufacturing community.  Dr. Groeber is also a principal developer/inventor of DREAM.3D and SIMPL, a unique software library and application package that integrates a flexible, hierarchical data structure with numerous digital microstructure, image processing and data analytics tools that will facilitate the advancement of Integrated Computational Material Science and Engineering (ICMSE) across the country. Additionally, Dr. Groeber has worked on creating autonomous, multi-modal data collection systems that integrate real-time data analysis to optimize material state data collection and analysis.