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ISE Welcomes Dr. Charles Ward

Air Force Manufacturing Strategy


Seminar by Dr. Charles Ward

Chief, Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division

Air Force Research Laboratory

Materials and Manufacturing Directorate


Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

4:00-5:00 pm

144 Baker Systems

1971 Neil Avenue


Rapid change in technology and the global environment are driving the need for reframing how the Air Force positions its manufacturing technology program.  This talk will present an overview of top level system priorities, industrial base challenges, technology opportunities, and direction that the Air Force manufacturing technology program will be taking.  The talk will also describe one of the components of the strategy, an e-collaboration platform under development internally that facilitates data capture, analysis, sharing, and retrieval.

Dr. Charles Ward is Chief of the Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. He previously led the directorate’s efforts in Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering efforts and was Co-Chair of the Materials Genome Initiative Subcommittee under the National Science and Technology Council. He is an Adjunct Faculty member of Materials Engineering at the University of Dayton and is also Editor of TMS’s Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation journal. His professional career has spanned 30+ years, serving in several roles in research, engineering, and management.  His research has focused on the microstructure-property relationships in titanium and titanium aluminide alloys. He has served as manager for the Air Force's basic research program in metals and then as an engineer on the F-35 propulsion program. He also served as staff officer to the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, and then Air Force liaison for materials research and development in Europe.  Previous to his current position, he served as Chief of the Metals, Ceramics and Nondestructive Evaluation Division of the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. Dr. Ward received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and is a Fellow of ASM International and an active member of TMS.