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Student recap: SHPE National Convention

This past November, students from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers attended the SHPE National Convention in Cleveland, OH. This year, SHPE at OSU took the largest group it has ever taken to a national convention, with a total OSU representation of 31 students, 7 of which were Industrial and Systems Engineering students. 

As the organization’s largest annual gathering, the conference offered members the opportunity to network with chapters from all over the country and learn about their event ideas, best practices, and recruitment strategies. Furthermore, students attended workshops led by top industry and educational leaders about topics such as new technologies, empowering the Hispanic community, and creating a notable graduate school application.

Finally, many students attended the convention with hopes of obtaining interviews and job offers. Our ISE students collectively received eight interviews from top companies such as Delta Air Lines, IBM and Ecolab. Furthermore, one of our own students, Karen Santos, was honored with the SHPE National John Deere Scholarship and attended the High Achievers Breakfast.

Our students are grateful for the chance to grow as Hispanic engineers. Seeing so many successful Hispanics in STEM at the conference rewarded attendees with the prospect of a bright future where Hispanics are valued as leading engineers, scientists, and innovators. SHPE’s CEO said it best: "...we must work together to turn this momentum into a genuine, sustainable movement, one where the contributions of everyone—whether you’re in science, engineering, technology, education, politics or the arts—become the country’s accomplishments. Why? Because we are, in fact, Better Together." 

SHPE at OSU thanks the Industrial and Systems Engineering department for the funding that allowed our 7 students to attend this empowering conference. We look forward to next year’s national convention in Phoenix, AZ!


Article submitted by Vanesa Salinas Comuzzi


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