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Matt Mulyana

  • Instructional Technology Spec, Integrated Systems Engineering
  • 392 Baker Systems
    1971 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-7822

Journal Articles

  • Papers in Proceedings


    • Bartlett, L.; Grunden, E.; Mulyana, R.; Castro, J. "A preliminary study on the performance of additive manufacturing tooling for injection molding." (1 2017).


    • Mulyana, R.; Cabrera, E.D.; Castro, J.M.; Lee, L.J. "The use of pressurized water pellets in injection molding to improve dimensional consistency while decreasing cycle time." (1 2013).


    • Cabrera, E.D.; Mulyana, R.; Castro, J.M.; Lee, L.J. "The use of pressurized water pellets and supercritical nitrogen in injection molding." (8 2011).
    • Min, Y.; Cabrera, E.; Mulyana, R.; Ko, S. et al. "Self formation of "mucell" from PS/polyaniline-halloysite clay (PHC) injection molding." (8 2011).


    • Mulyana, R.; Daniel, T.; Min, Y.; Castro, J.M. et al. "The use of water containing TPO/activated carbon in injection molding." (9 2010).


    • Srithep, Y.; Miller, B.; Mulyana, R.; Castro, J.M. "Co-injectiou molding work at The Ohio State University." (1 2008).